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MDM Featured Models 

Bre Ann Bustamante: ... She is super awesome. Absolutely amazing! .. Hometown girl. HUGE Lions fan! We lost track after counting 30+ tattoos. Super funny, energetic, amazing looks and build.

Charlie Pryce: Absolutely beautiful with an amazing figure. Up and coming local model who has the looks and drive to succeed. 
Great attitude and work ethic. 

Holly Peer: ...Smiling with those eyes. Holly is Awesome! Great person, fun, loves taking pictures. Amazing figure and very energetic. 

Tane' Haygen: ... Strong features, great hair, and amazing eyes. Smiles with her eyes. Superb tattoo model. Captivating looks, and a wonderful figure. She takes amazing pictures, lots of cool outfits. Fun personality and a great attitude.

DeJahnara Williams: ... Petite with an amazing figure. Great hair and smile. The camera loves her. Great personality, funny, superb attitude.

Mariah Henrick: ... Nothing but good things to say about this young lady. Super cool and funny. A new breath of fresh air to the local modeling scene. Hard worker, has 2 jobs and college, takes directions well and willing to take the time to give you the photos you need for your portfolio. Compact build and strong figure.

Danielle Smith: ... Wonderful and amazing eyes. Great figure and loves taking photos. Very concerned about fashion and has all types of amazing outfits for photo shoots. 

Krystal Richardson: ... Super fun and a great figure. Mysterious eyes and attitude. Enjoys taking photos and has lots of energy. 

Elizabeth Grutza: ... Local Detroit Model, for all you MSU fans.. Liz is super awesome, takes amazing photos, great attitude. 

Carson Lankford: ... Super amazing eyes, figure, beautiful, and real smart.. speaks like 4 languages fluently including German. Great promotional model for trade shows or expos.. takes amazing pictures. Check out her action packed video. 

Elizabeth Trupp: ... Superb looks, great smile and a winning attitude. Perky and fit body. Takes amazing pictures. Wonderful lingerie model. 

Alexa Koromos: Amazing looks and figure. Great attitude and loves taking photos. All the right curves in all the right places. 

Elizabeth Perez: ... New model and contest winner. Solid physique, great look, and wonderful skin tone from her Spanish heritage. 

Mali Barris: ...Superb Asian model. Well spoken. Great for promotions. Along with promotions, the camera just
loves her. Stong physique with all the right curves in all the right places. Super fun, amazing attitude.


Anna Marie Byrom: ... WOW! She is super awesome! Crazy and wild. Amazing figure and those eyes that just stare through you. She is a great promotional model, friendly with a great speaking voice. Great model also for any type of photo shoot.

Naomi Henderson: ... Super positive attitude and a great figure. Superb eye contact with the camera. Loves to get dressed up in all type of outfits for photo shoots. 

Kyleigh Mathewson: ... Amazing eyes, figure, and attitude. Takes amazing pictures both in front of the camera and 
behind it.

Mary Neilson: ... Beauty and elegance with Mary. Awesome eyes, figure, hair... awesome awesome awesome attitude!

Carley Rowland: ... when you need an amazing model with red hair, and blue eyes look no further. AWESOME attitude. Looks and figure. My first choice for any St. Patrick`day shoot, or Irish themed material. 

Heidi Frye: ... Super figure, great curves on a petite frame. Has a great attitude and loves to take sexy photos. 




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