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MDM FEATURED MODEL September 2015 - Everybody give Dani Daire a warm welcome! She is super cool, 19 but an old soul. Her looks are stellar and unique. Fierce blue eyes. Platinum blond. Superb fit figure with all the right curves in all the right places. 100% NATURAL! Her one tattoo over her left breast reads: Ahimsa: "do no harm", a philosophy of non-violence and compassion. She is a full time lifeguard on watch to save lives at a popular fitness establishment. In her spare time when not in college she personally works on her old Ford truck restoring it part by part to new. You will see a lot of Ford posts this month along with Dani`s pictures. It is going to be an amazing month! Hello September! Goodbye August!! Enjoy! ... 

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New! Sunshine >> 

Sunshine: Radical new nude tattoo model! Awesome figure, attitude, and ink. Great figure and takes direction well. Awesome eyes that captivate and intrigue the end user. 


Metro Detroit Models provides a full range of models and adult performers for photo shoots, videos, and special events. We have the hottest and largest pool of talent in Michigan and can handle any job, anytime.


Maranda - She is absolutely beautiful, words can not describe how amazing her figure is. You simply have to see for yourself. See Her Nude On MDM Plus

New! Bailey Rae>> 

First week of nude modeling and taking Detroit by storm! Rave reviews!! Follow on FB HERE. 

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Sexy Model Mom Of The Year! 

Krystin Marie: With five children you will be absolutely amazed at how perfect her figure really is! See more>>

New! Mandy>> 

Mandy: The most beautiful blue eyes and natural boobs you will ever see! Loves the camera! Amazing new model! 

Elizabeth >> 

Elizabeth: Exclusive to MDM! Perfect petite nude model for all your photo shoot and video needs.  

NEW! Envy Jane

Latest Posts >> 

Brunch, these goodies are worth the drive to the D alone! Beef brisket cheese fries! I can never finish a plate. The cheese sauce is a variety of 9 different cheeses and is a secret recipe! Yum!

 — at Red Smoke Barbeque


Chloe .. Everything we are looking for in a new local nude model. Super funny, great physique and looks, radical, unique, takes directions well, and amazing eyes. 

Brittany New nude tattoo model! Great figure, spunky, and an amazing figure. Photo shoots and video. More info on her coming soon. 

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Charlie: Local dancer and Detroit model, she has one of the most amazing figures in all of Metro Detroit. 18  years old and full of energy! She loves the camera, and the camera loves her. 

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Book | See Her Nude On MDM Plus

Goofy and funny! Heidi is awesome! 


Kalia: Detroit`s hardcore HOTTIE! Over 75 tattoos with an amazing attitude and figure. Super cool and fun to work with. She will surprise you with artwork and dazzle you with style. 

Detroit`s Favorite Tattoo Model - Bre Marie >> 

Sexy, beautiful and GORGEOUS! Exxxclusive on MDM! 


Sarah: She is amazing and not shy at all! Why would she be with that amazing figure! Exclusive nudes on MDM


No introduction needed for Holly! MDM Featured Model For December three years in a row! One of Metro Detroit`s Favorite Models! 


VOTED best boobs in Detroit on our website two years in a row. Kyleigh will amaze you! 

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Anna Marie >> 

Anna Marie bares all for MDM. Another exclusive. Video. 


MDM Featured Model April 2015

Half Korean and half French with outstanding looks that are unique and amazing. Her hair is gorgeous, and her figure is out of this world. Amazing new local nude model. Also a great booking selection for hair and fashion shows. 


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Exclusive ON MDM - Mackenzie

Mackenzie stopped by the studio all tan before her spring break trip. 

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Tiffany Jean

Exclusive on MDM


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Dani: ...Brand new to the modeling scene and ready to shoot. Amazing curves and personality. Awesome attitude and a great figure. Absolute joy to work with. 

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Mariah - Exclusive on MDM


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Alexa: Amazing looks and figure. Great attitude and loves taking photos. All the right curves in all the right places. 


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